US military demands $ 100 million from Pentagon for "dangerous Russian actions"

The US military is demanding compensation for the dangerous actions of the Russian military.

American servicemen expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the Pentagon to ensure the protection of the American military and demanded in court to pay compensation in the total amount of about $ 100 million. According to the statement of the American military personnel, such demands are quite reasonable, since due to the actions of the Russian military, which were not suppressed or were not envisaged by the military command. This negatively affected the psychological state of the servicemen.

It should be noted that the court satisfied most of the claims of the American military personnel and ordered the Pentagon to pay compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

“A lot of unpleasant moments for the Americans happened in the Syrian territories. According to open sources of information, over the entire time of a large-scale military campaign, more than five thousand US servicemen have filed lawsuits demanding compensation for moral damage from meetings with the Russian Aerospace Forces. In total, the "victims" were paid about $ 100 million. The Pentagon is used to the fact that opponents scatter at the slightest appearance of their "most powerful army in the world." However, for the Americans, the really hard times came when the Russian Federation entered the "theater of war" in the Middle East against terrorists. In addition to using electronic warfare systems, jamming enemy equipment, Russian pilots fired at terrorists precisely without harming civilians, which also impressed and frightened the US fighters. ", - informs "iReactor".

Experts note that the current situation indicates the complete inability of the American army to participate in large-scale armed conflicts with an enemy of equal strength.


As far as I understand the principles of American civil legal proceedings (and, in general, judicial traditions) there should still be mirror claims from the Pentagon for the same amount - after all, these same servicemen could not fulfill the same tasks of suppression due to their own lack of competence? ...

Or do they complain in the courts that they were not allowed to shoot?

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But in Russia, the military lives exclusively on patriotism, and they do not demand any money (otherwise the Rosguard will quickly deal with them).

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