The US military fired at least 6 missiles towards the Russian border

At least 6 American missiles were fired towards the Russian border.

According to data available to the news agency, the US military fired at least 6 unidentified missile launches towards the Russian border. According to a number of data, we are talking about the missiles of the American M270 complexes, while it is argued that the direction of fire was clearly directed towards the Russian border, albeit at some distance.

Depending on the types of ammunition used by the complex, strikes can be delivered at distances of up to 130 kilometers (when using tactical missiles), while the source did not say which ammunition was used by the American military, however, it is known that the launches were made from district of the city of Tapa, which is about 100 kilometers from the Russian border.

Experts managed to find out that the shooting was carried out as part of military exercises, however, the fact that the fire was directed in the direction of the Russian borders indicates clearly manifested aggression, especially since a few years ago Estonia almost came under a retaliatory attack from Russia, when the Spanish the fighter, being in the airspace of this country, fired a missile in the direction of the Russian border - the latter, according to a number of data, fell on Russian territory.


No, we will express concern.

Russia 1/6 sushi! and in whatever direction whoever "released unknown ammunition from unknown installations, according to an unknown source")) in any direction, this is in the direction of Russia)) Likewise, wherever we fired, this is in someone's direction))

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