Radar reconnaissance


US military seizes the frequencies of Russian C-400 at Hmeimim airbase

At the disposal of the US military were the frequencies of the Russian Triumphs.

Regular flights of American military aircraft near Russian military bases in Syria allowed the US military to gain valuable information, in particular, the radio frequencies used by the Russian S-400 air defense systems, which allow tuning of electronic warfare systems and bypassing the radars of the most long-range anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missile system defense in the world.

The information on this subject was partially confirmed by Yury Sytnik, member of the Council of the High Officers of the Organization of Russian Officers, Honored Pilot of Russia, mentioning that the USA really took control of the frequencies of Russian S-400s, however, at the moment they are trying to decipher them to obtain more detailed information about the work Russian air defense / missile defense systems.

“They write off our frequencies, write off the complexes that are starting to deploy against it [P-8]. Now they need to decrypt our C-400 complexes that are standing there. That's why they drive him away. This is a common practice. <...> They test our ability to ward off, how many minutes [the interceptor] rises, how the tracking system [works] when it was captured. There is reconnaissance. This plane is a whole laboratory. There’s a crew of about twenty people, they are tracking radio electronics in a special booth, shooting is underway ”- said Sytnik in an interview with the Politics Today portal.

It should be clarified that the flights of American electronic intelligence aircraft are carried out near the Crimea, however, it is likely that due to the use of other frequencies, the process of collecting information about the operation of the C-400 Triumph is very slow, especially since recently the Russian military aviation takes off to interfere with the operation of foreign military aircraft near bases and position areas of air defense / missile defense systems.

“The danger of obtaining such data does exist. Having received frequencies, one can target radar facilities, for example, interfere with the normal operation of air defense systems, create the so-called "Phantom targets", etc. ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

It should be clarified that recently, flights of American military aircraft near Russian military bases in Syria have become less frequent, however, periodically, American aviation attempts to get as close to the military airfield in Latakia as possible.

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Do not write such nonsense anymore. In air defense systems, it is possible to use frequency hopping in a very wide range. Reading a range will not do anything. And decoding the pseudo-random law of frequency jumping is useless, because it changes many times per shift. And these laws of jumps themselves have many trillions of options.

There was an occasion to test C-400 for a real goal, protecting the base from an unidentified, therefore dangerous, goal, and then pretending that they did not recognize that it was an “ally” ... :-)

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