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The US military announced the attack of Russian troops in Syria

The US military announced an attack by the Russian military.

An American military contingent located in Syria urgently asked Washington for instructions, fearing that in the near future the Russian army would attack the positions of the US army in the territory of the Arab Republic. The danger of a Russian attack does not qualify as potential, but as quite probable, especially after, according to a number of sources, US troops did not let the Russian military patrol into one of the areas in northern Syria.

"The command of the American military contingent in Syria requested from the Pentagon instructions on the procedure for dealing with an attack by regular troops of Russia, Turkey, Iran or Syria, as well as their possible allies."- reports the publication "Military Review".

Experts, in turn, believe that Russia will not go on the path of escalating the situation if Washington continues to coordinate its actions with the Russian military, however, recently this has not been observed, in particular, we are talking about two attacks by American drones in the area , which is de facto controlled by the Syrian and Russian military.

“The situation will most likely depend on what actions the American side will take, however, in case of the slightest threat, the Russian aviation will easily spread the positions of the US military in Syria”, - the expert marks.

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