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US troops tried to break through to the Russian military airbase in Syria

The United States tried to get close to the Russian military airbase in Syria.

After the transfer of several hundred to several thousand more American troops to Syria, it became known that the United States decided to make a new provocation against Russia and sent a convoy of armored vehicles directly to the Russian military airbase in Qamishli. What exactly is the reason for such an escalation is unknown, however, American armored vehicles, which were in a convoy of at least four units, were blocked by Syrian troops, who deployed not only a group of military personnel, but also anti-tank missile systems, thereby hinting to the American military that further passage completely blocked and any provocations can end with a CAA attack.

In the video footage presented, you can see how American armored vehicles are forced to leave the region, deploying under the threat of the use of force by the Syrian military. The very purpose of the appearance of the American military here remains unknown. This is most likely a special provocation directed against the Russian presence in northern Syria.

As for the incident itself, any clashes between the Syrian and American military were avoided. After the Syrian military explained to the United States that further movement in this direction was impossible, the American military column was forced to turn around and move in the opposite direction.

Quite remarkable is the fact that despite the clashes with Turkish troops in Tel Tamra the previous day, American troops did not try to support the Kurds. This could lead to an even more serious aggravation of relations between the Syrian Kurds and American troops.

They just got lost and then were surprised.

Yes, they run away from the camera, what will happen if the T-90 goes after them.

They wanted to protect them from the Turks.



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