US troops stationed in northern Syria, preparing to strike at Turkish forces in the event of an invasion

The United States is ready to attack Turkish troops if they attempt to invade Syria.

Despite the fact that a few years ago, precisely because of the arrival of Turkish troops in Syria, the American military was forced to leave the region, significantly losing its influence in the territory of the Arab republic, after the Turkish president announced the start of a military operation in Syria aimed allegedly against the Kurdish formations, although in reality, we can talk about an attempt to occupy the entire northern part of the SAR from Aleppo to Tel Rifat, American forces and armored vehicles were transferred to the northern regions of the Arab republic, preparing not only to oppose Ankara in expanding the military zone Operation "Olive Branch", but also to attack Turkish units in the event of a threat to the Kurds.



The news agency obtained several documentary evidence of the arrival of American forces in northern Syria. Speech, according to various sources, is about several hundred American servicemen, armed with armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers. The American side operates exclusively in the Syrian province of Hasaka, without risking invading territory controlled by the Syrian and Russian military without warning Damascus and Moscow.

Experts believe that for Ankara, opposition from the Syrian government forces, Kurds, Russia and the United States will result in very serious problems and Erdogan will be forced to abandon his plans to bring several thousand Turkish troops into Syria.

And as always, the Americans do not know that they are in Syria)) Another duck ...

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That is, this means that we may see a war between the member states of the NATO bloc. Wow!!! I wonder which article of the NATO charter allows the waging of wars between the members of the alliance? Indeed, as they said under communism, "the beastly face of capitalism," "capitalism is the source of wars," and so on. etc.



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