Chase in Syria


American troops chased after breaking through the Russian military. Video

American troops staged a real pursuit of the Russian military.

A few hours ago a video appeared depicting the pursuit of American armored vehicles behind a Russian military convoy. The incident, according to a source, occurred near the Rumeilan oil-producing region, which is under the control of the US military, and, for the United States, the appearance of Russian armored cars here was a complete surprise.

On the presented video frames you can see how several Russian military armored vehicles literally sweep through the streets of a small city.

After crossing the intersection without slowing down, one can notice the approach of American military armored vehicles, which are supposed to have tried to block the passage of Russian armored vehicles, but, due to unknown circumstances, could not do this, after which the US Army began pursuing the Russian Tiger armored car and armored personnel carrier.

At the moment, the fact of how such a chase ended remains unknown, however, given the fact that the Russian military managed to infiltrate US-controlled territory, it most likely indicates that the US can no longer effectively control the territory, which, obviously, can be associated with a reduction in the US military group in Syria due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection in this region.

Confused, I guess. It happens.

They had to be told right away that Putin would not send more planes if they did not miss.

What is this chase? First we missed our convoy, and then went on the trail!

yeah, as he gave, I get up again.

The only competent commentary on this issue

It’s good that we were able to escape. And if the Americans had caught ours, ours would have given them that. )))

Personally, I did not see any chase, or something similar to the chase.

Honestly, your version is quite believable.

About a fuel truck ... There was a joke about civilian haamers. What you need to ride with a trailer tank or accompanied by a fuel truck ... Maybe this is the same case ...
Of course, this is irony)))

Well that's it, wait for the priest virus in Russia, right now the Yankov revenge will begin. But in general complete nonsense, this is called a hindrance

Then it turns out that this is a fake:
1. The case did not take place on the territory controlled by the Americans, but on the territory squeezed from the Barmalei, where the Americans were present.
2. The Americans were surrounded and could not get out of it themselves, so they asked the Russians to escort them to a safe zone.
3. The video turned out to be the moment the amers were withdrawn from the trap - and the first Russian convoy drove through.
4. In the frame, the Amer fuel truck pulled up in readiness to continue driving. And this speaks in favor of my version - chases with fuel trucks do not suit. Also, they do not block roads. Well sometimes, empty, that would delay a CIVIL car. But not a column of armored cars!