Fighter F-16


The American F-16s had to defend the American destroyer Porter from the Russian Su-27 and Su-24. Video

The American Air Force had to urgently rise to protect the destroyer USS Porter from the Russian Su-27 and Su-24.

The completed NATO military exercises off the coast of Crimea did not remain unanswered - after their completion, when the American missile destroyer USS Porter moved towards the Bosphorus, the active stage of the exercises of the Russian Aerospace Forces began with the use of fighter and bomber aircraft. The situation for the crew of the American missile destroyer turned out to be so unfavorable that at least four F-16 fighters had to be lifted into the sky to protect the battleship, which was captured by public resources and filmed directly from the deck of the American destroyer.

In the video footage presented, you can see how American combat aircraft escorted an American missile destroyer far from the site of NATO military exercises, which indicates that the United States foresaw the possibility that Russian fighters and bombers could arrange a shameful retreat for the American warship.

It should be clarified that earlier American warships, noticed for participating in provocative exercises near the Russian borders, were regularly monitored by the Russian Aerospace Forces, and, obviously, this case was also no exception.