American troops were offered to occupy Russian military bases in Central Asia

Thousands of American troops were allowed to occupy Russian military bases in Central Asia.

US President Joseph Biden received an offer to occupy Russian military bases located in Central Asia by American troops after the withdrawal of the American military contingent from Afghanistan. Such information was provided by the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

As follows from the data provided by the Russian publication, a telephone conversation between the presidents of Russia and the United States took place on June 16, and during the negotiations the Russian leader suggested that his American colleague use Russian military facilities to temporarily deploy American forces in the event of any problems with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The details of the conversation remain unknown, however, sources note that Washington decided not to use the services offered by the Russian side.

“If the Americans were only interested in keeping an eye on the situation in Afghanistan, they would accept this generous offer. But so far they have not given a clear answer, which suggests that perhaps they still have other goals. ", - said the source of information.

The Russian side has not yet officially commented on the appearance of such information. Judging by the fact that earlier Washington tried to find the possibility of deploying its troops on the territory of the CIS countries, the data that appeared on this score may well correspond to reality.

Bad "from this". For the safety of the Russian Federation.

And so what?

"Never say never"
The Kazakhs have already allowed amer bases in the Caspian ...
The Azeris have a base of the Ottomans.

Another nonsense !!! How can Putin dispose of bases in independent states ??? !!! No way! and he will never do it!

but this proposal looks like a betrayal of the interests of both Russia itself and its allies!

The United States does not need Russian military bases for temporary deployment. They need their bases in Central Asia for the permanent deployment of their troops. You want a lot - you will get little!)



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