Scott Kelly Rogozin scandal


American astronaut Scott Kelly called Rogozin after he published a photo of Lloyd Austin and a gorilla

American astronaut Scott Kelly, known for his space flights on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, expressed sharp criticism of the former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin. The reason for Kelly’s indignation was Rogozin’s post on the social network “X” (blocked in Russia), where the former Russian official compared US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to a monkey.

“Before his illness, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was very fond of taking pictures with pygmies.”, - thus Rogozin signed a collage of two photographs, which caused widespread public outcry and accusations of racism from users of the social network.

Scott Kelly, who has repeatedly demonstrated his connection with Russia through participation in joint space missions, decided not to ignore this case and expressed his dissatisfaction with Rogozin’s actions. In his Russian-language commentary, Kelly sharply criticized Rogozin, calling him a “Nazi” and a “racist,” and referring to him derogatorily as “Dimon.”

Rogozin has not yet responded to Scott Kelly’s statement and insults.


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