American aircraft carrier was urgently evacuated from the Mediterranean Sea because of the Russian submarine

The Russian submarine scared the Pentagon - an American aircraft carrier was urgently withdrawn from the Mediterranean.

The US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower, which entered the Mediterranean Sea, had to be urgently evacuated from the region due to a Russian submarine that unexpectedly disappeared from a Russian military base in Syrian Tartus, presumably advancing to meet the US fleet. The reason for the evacuation of the aircraft carrier was the fact that even despite the weekly search for the Russian submarine, it was not possible to find it, which, according to Washington, became a threat.

Information on this score is also cited by foreign media, in particular, the Sohu publication reports that the Russian submarine armed with cruise missiles has become a very big threat to the American fleet and for this reason Washington decided not to risk it and immediately withdraw its an aircraft carrier and ships of a strike group from the Mediterranean.

Slightly more equal, it was reported that the US military simply lost the Russian submarine - to this day, even its approximate location remains unknown.

“During NATO exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, American anti-submarine Poseidon aircraft tried to obtain information about Russian submarines of the Varshavyanka project. The aircraft carried out hydroacoustic reconnaissance and monitoring of the water area to detect the almost silent submarines of the Varshavyanka project. One of these submarines was located close to the British air base Akrotiri, located in Cyprus. However, it turned out that it is impossible to detect a Russian submarine even with the help of modern radio-acoustic means "- сообщает publication "Russian Planet".

It should be clarified that thanks to the emergence of a naval base of the Russian Navy in Syria, the Russian military began to control the Mediterranean Sea, thereby creating a great threat to NATO.

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