US aircraft carrier


The American aircraft carrier, where 282 people are already infected with the coronavirus, refused to save

The largest American aircraft carrier has turned into the largest grave for the American Navy.

The American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt requested emergency assistance from Washington. The reason for this was the massive spread of coronavirus on board a huge ship, and if it was initially reported that the virus was able to be neutralized in a timely manner, 282 infected American sailors are already reported, including officers of high rank.

“Theodore Roosevelt’s captain of the US nuclear carrier, Brett Crozier, may be punished for criticizing the US Navy about insufficient response to the coronavirus epidemic aboard the ship. This was stated by Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modley. In his 4-page letter, the captain of the aircraft carrier severely criticizes the authorities and accuses him of not making enough efforts to save the sailors. Brett Crozier demands that the Navy command urgently remove more than 4000 sailors from the ship and isolate them to stop the spread of the disease. The captain emphasizes that otherwise the aircraft carrier and its entire crew will suffer a sad fate "- сообщает Tsar Grad.

At the moment, the situation on board the American aircraft carrier is critical, in particular, today the number of infected crew members may exceed three hundred people, however, despite this fact, the US Navy command refused to evacuate military sailors, citing the absence of any problems on board, despite the requirements of the captain of a nuclear aircraft carrier.