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American B-52 handed over "SOS" after meeting with the Russian Su-27. Video

The American strategic bomber caught fire after the interception of the Russian Su-27.

The American bomber B-52 Stratofortress, which turned out to be only a few dozen kilometers from the Russian border, and subsequently intercepted by the Russian fighter Su-27, suddenly caught fire and transmitted a signal about an emergency situation on board.

According to information provided by the BBC, during the flight of an American bomber, one of the engines caught fire, and it was reported that the fire was so strong that after a few minutes the second engine failed, and therefore the crew had to disable.

Due to the fact that a heavy strategic bomber-missile carrier is not capable of flying on six of eight engines, the entire military aircraft system has undergone excessive overheating, and, as journalists note, in fact, the bomber miraculously reached the military aerodrome runway.

For some reason, the American strategic bomber caught fire of one of the engines, so far remains unknown, however, according to data on social networks, this particular aircraft was approaching the Russian borders and was subsequently intercepted, which, incidentally, does not explain all the circumstances.

The first is, wait for the second ...

not only pilots ophezatsya but technology too.

A simple neat use of a combat laser .... Only a mc-ss-a-s ...

Aviahlam. Posting is old.

SOS! We were met by the Russians! Urgently need a new set of diapers!