the plane caught fire


American B-52 caught fire in the air after the interception of the Russian Su-27. A photo

An American strategic bomber accidentally caught fire after intercepting the Su-27.

According to information provided by open resources, a few hours ago, the crew of the American strategic nuclear bomber B-52 requested the possibility of an emergency landing. The cause of an emergency on board the American B-52 was the ignition of one of the engines, however. most notably, the incident occurred after a pair of Russian Su-27 fighters intercepted this aircraft in the sky over the Baltic.

According to, the American B-52 Stratofortress bomber was forced to urgently move towards the UK, but due to the existing danger, the aircraft produced fuel for a long time, while its engine was engulfed in flames.

In the presented photo you can see the time of landing at a military airbase in the UK, at the same time, several fire brigades were sent to extinguish the strategic bomber. How strong are the damage, so far remains unknown.

What exactly caused one of the engines of the American B-52 Stratofortress to ignite so far remains unknown, as well as the fact that the Russian Su-27 fighters are relevant to this incident.

I don’t like Russian citizens who flew nearby, and so the Americans got tired (and the plane as well), the plane caught fire because of fear, and the pilots .... just got bogged down and quickly returned quickly!
Yes, and maybe out of fear the Americans themselves got the plane on fire in order to have a reason to return.
They can!!!!

The excitement is needed in order not to reduce the degree of tension.

"... the plane produced fuel for a long time, while its engine was engulfed in flames." ))

Here you are laughing, and somehow explain it exactly like that :))

That was done, only the cigarette ash was - the SU-27 pilot shook the cigarette out of the window when it overtook the B-52)))

... how I, as a specialist, got tired of it ... INTERCEPT, INTERCEPT ... what kind of interception, this is going to the target area, searching for a target, identifying, classifying and tracking over the high seas along the state border, in order to prevent ( prohibitions) violations of the air border of Russia ... And in general, we sometimes force ourselves around this situation. Professionals who served in the Air Defense and Air Forces, especially in the Baltic, in the Far East in the GSVG, on our then Soviet USSR borders in the South ... they will definitely say that there were many times more ascents of duty forces in the air, and the hype around it THIS WASN'T ...

Hi, Rio !!!)))

The fire of a bomber is another lie to once again accuse Russia of aggression. This is a common provocation that brings us closer to the BIG WAR, which the Satanist world government had planned for a long time.

A few holes and smudges of "NEW" on the wing next to it. Probably the pilot in the Su-27 was Bashirov or whatever he was, he probably had a few last names!

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Greetings from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

What kind of interception do the military trumpet when the plane quietly in neutral space continued its flight. In this case, there was no interception of the United States aircraft, but there was an accompanying tracking of its flight in order to control the airspace of Russia. The plane did not violate the airspace of Russia and flew along the line of this conditional line. So stop sizzling like snakes on a mouse.

Elementary to disable in-52 spray volcanic ash before it .....

Now they will write that Putin put them down. Do not you think this is some kind of provocation ??

And it should be so crap in the air !!!

perpetrators have already been appointed. will find in the engine a few holes from the trilinear)))