An American drone attacked an armored personnel carrier with the US military. Video

The U.S. drone at full speed flew into an American armored personnel carrier.

A few days ago a video appeared on the Web that captured the moment of the attack of an American unmanned aerial vehicle on an armored personnel carrier with American rangers. At high speed, the drone just flew into the back door of an armored personnel carrier, apparently injuring several American soldiers.

On the presented video frames, you can see that this is not about a malfunction of the drone systems, since the latter flew along a strict trajectory, and a lot of questions are caused by the fact that a few moments before the collision with an armored personnel carrier, you can see that US soldiers in a panic, they run up, in connection with which, initially, information appeared that the aircraft belonged to the Hussites, and was a kamikaze drone.

Later it became known that in reality this video was shot in Afghanistan several years earlier, and not in the territory of Yemen or Saudi Arabia, however, this does not explain the reason why the drone crashed at high speed into an American armored personnel carrier, which is resembles an attack.

It is not known whether any of those inside the armored vehicle of the US Army suffered, since no information was received on this score either from the source or from the command of the US Armed Forces.