US drone MQ-8B rammed a warship and drowned

An American MQ-8B drone rammed a US Navy warship at speed and drowned.

A few hours ago it became known that the training flight of the American reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-8B ended not only unsuccessfully, but also with serious damage to the US naval forces. According to data available to Avia.pro, the unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the side of a warship at high speed, after which it fell into the water and sank, causing quite serious damage to the naval vessel.

“The Navy announced today that an MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the side of the Littoral USS Charleston (LCS-18) after taking off from the ship. According to a press release from the US 3rd Fleet, the helicopter UAV was operating from the ship at about 9:40 a.m. when the collision occurred in the western Pacific Ocean. The UAV fell into the sea and was not found, the report said. “The accident damaged the safety net on the ship and damaged the hull. The damage to the ship is estimated, but appears to be limited to the area above the waterline. ” “No one was hurt and the battleship Littoral continued to operate safely after the incident,” the statement said. The cause of the accident is being investigated ", - the American analytical center "USNI" informs about it.

One of the probable reasons for the collision of an American drone with a warship is a violation in the operation of the control system, however, versions of external factors are not excluded, in particular, we are talking about a powerful gust of wind, which deflected the drone's flight from a given trajectory.

Considering that the drone weighs more than a ton, the damage to the ship can be quite significant.

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Why not successful, on the contrary, it is successful. This is a kamikaze drone, so it "destroyed" an enemy warship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A plane about a ton was blown away by the wind ... And they also laughed at the tiny drone of the Russian mail ... That's where the "breakthrough" is ...



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