Bomber B-52


American B-52 bomber nearly crashed over Great Britain

The next mission of American B-52s to Europe ended in another emergency.

A few hours ago, monitoring resources monitoring the air situation recorded an emergency signal from the American strategic bomber B-52, which, due to engine failure, intended to land at the RAF Fairford airbase, but was unable to do so due to congestion. as a result, it almost crashed near Birmingham.

“One of the B-52H Stratofortress, which participated today in the flight according to the Global Power mission to the Arabian Peninsula region, is experiencing serious technical problems on its return route to the United States and is currently winding circles, burning fuel and intending to land at RAF Fairford ... Dispatching services assigned the emergency status to the board ", - the Telegram community “Operational line” reports about it.

This case is far from the first, even since the beginning of this year - almost any mission of American strategic bombers B-52 to Europe ends in an emergency, and, in some cases, the aircraft cannot perform the assigned tasks at all, which indicates that some these bombers are completely unprepared for real combat operations.