Bomber B-52


American bomber worked out a strike on Kamchatka from Alaska airspace

In the United States, they announced a practiced strike using a hypersonic missile.

According to American media reports, the American B-52 strategic bomber-bomber was raised into the skies over Alaska, from where it flew towards the Russian border, practicing a strike with the use of hypersonic weapons. We are definitely talking about the escalation of tension between Russia and the United States, however, experts managed to find out some of the features of what happened.

As follows from the data of the American media, the strategic bomber B-52 was specially sent to Alaska to test the launch of the latest missile. At the same time, reliable sources of the American media report that the tests themselves were very strange in nature - the plane did not carry a missile, but only worked out the action to use it, which, by the way, the American defense department decided to keep silent about.

It is known that we are talking about an AGM-183 ARRW rocket, however, the latter, for a number of reasons, is not yet ready for testing, while an attempt to practice a strike on Russian territory with a non-existent missile is nothing more than part of the Pentagon's propaganda, since The United States still does not have adopted hypersonic weapons, although both Russia and China currently possess them.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the "test" carried out over Alaska was specifically directed against Russia, since today it is the closest region to the borders of the Russian Federation.

He moved in a very strange way, in some broken zigzags. Probably, he rather wanted to escape from the place of "working off" alive. Now in circles over Louisiana

Those. an American bomber of the middle of the last century simulated the launch of a non-existent missile. Like a pageant? Or a test of the ability to take off and land?