Bomber B-52


The American bomber arriving to “bomb” Russian bases broke down again

The American strategic bomber B-52 again broke down before it reached Russian bases.

A few days ago, the American strategic bomber bomber B-52 was deployed to Europe, which was supposed to work out strikes against Russian military facilities, including in Syria. Nevertheless, the plane made an emergency landing, having failed to fulfill the task, and this is far from the first incidental situation with the American "strategists".

According to a number of sources, on 16 on October 2019 of the year, the American strategic bomber B-52H, arriving from the United States, made an emergency emergency landing in the UK. We are talking about the 61-0006 board, while it is reported that the failure of one of the engines became the cause of the emergency.

Since the beginning of this year, the emergency situation with the American strategic bombers B-52H was far from the first, and in the last of the known cases, the incident was also associated with the failure of the missile carrier power plant.

According to some reports, the American B-52H was supposed to strike at targets at a training ground in Jordan, thereby simulating an attack on Russian military bases in Syria, however, due to the situation, the mission was failed.

They just didn’t bring popcorn.