The American destroyer "Chafee" tried to ram the Russian anti-submarine ship "Admiral Tributs"

A US Navy ship attempted to ram a Russian warship.

The US Navy missile destroyer Chafee attempted to invade Russian territorial waters near Vladivostok, and after attempts by the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs to prevent this, it nearly rammed a Russian warship, missing it, allegedly at a distance of less than 60 meters ...

According to information available to the news agency, the American warship ignored the closed sea zone near Russian territorial waters and tried to enter Russian waters, however, after the US Navy missile destroyer Chafee did not respond to repeated warnings. , a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Tributs" was sent to intercept it. The attempt by the crew of the Russian anti-submarine ship to prevent the further advancement of the US Navy's missile destroyer almost turned into a real combat collision, as the destroyer's crew tried to ram the Russian BOD, and only a few seconds before the collision, the board parted to board with it at a distance of only 60 meters.

"Destroyer URO «Chafee», having made sure of the determination of the crew of the Russian ship not to violate the state border, changed direction and at 17:50 turned to the opposite course, when to the BOD «Admiral Tributs» there were less than 60 meters left ", - informs the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Representatives of the Russian defense department have already called the actions of the US destroyer in the Sea of ​​Japan a gross violation of international rules.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Pentagon on this matter.

I think if our ship tries to violate the US border, they will immediately sink it and say so it was

Yes, it was necessary to let them go into the water, and then sink, if not sink, then at least shoot them, damage their equipment .. Why are they arranging the circus? The sailors were determined not to let go - laughter. The Ukrainians were pushed, and these are being pushed. So that they do not come, it is necessary to give it so that fear will be provoked in the future. And so - a disgrace to naval sailors and their command.

LARGE anti-submarine ship - it is BIG. He can block, and not chase destroyers. Include logic.

Going on a circulation without a fixed helicopter - the risk of throwing the helicopter overboard. The propeller rotated near the helicopter.

And nothing that the Russian border was violated, and not vice versa

Why wasn’t the offender taken to Vladivostok?

Well, what do you think yourself?

if you drove into the oncoming lane and then turned away then they wanted to ram you?

And who will give the command, not the GDP ?! He has friends and partners all around

To begin with, the Russian Federation needs to hold the same event, for example, in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska or the Gai Islands. See what will be sung in the USA.

And what are the weapons on the ship for ...!?

And not that everything was the other way around! And including the logic, if the American turned, it means that they wanted to ram him!