US Porter destroyer chases Iranian oil tanker

The USS Porter, an American destroyer, rushed at full speed in pursuit of the Iranian oil tanker.

A few hours ago it became known that the American missile destroyer unexpectedly interrupted plans to stay in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and headed to the Atlantic Ocean, where, as expected, he could well catch up with the Iranian oil tanker, which was one of the last to go to Venezuela.

At the moment, relevant information is indirectly confirmed by the Telegram channel South Wind, which reported a sharp change in the plans of the American missile destroyer.

“Apparently, the Porter’s destroyer’s plans changed, without giving any reason. Already on the cruise to the island of Crete, the ship abruptly changed course westward and is heading out of Middle-earth. In response, his colleague destroyer Donald Cook was sent to the region, but his visit to the Black Sea is still in doubt. ”- reports "Telegram" -channel "South Wind".

According to some experts, the likelihood that the US destroyer will be able to catch up with the Iranian oil tanker still remains quite low, however, given the fact that in the near future Iranian ships will head back to the shores of the Islamic Republic, there is a possibility that the US Navy provocative actions against them already without protection from the Venezuelan fleet and combat aircraft.

“It is possible that the United States decided to wait until Iran delivers oil to Venezuela, which allows Tehran to be charged with violating sanctions, which are illegal, however, and take appropriate measures in this regard”, - the expert marks.

At the moment, there are no statements to this effect from Washington.