American destroyer with 96 cruise missiles deployed 45 kilometers from Russian borders

The destroyer of the US Navy is deployed 45 kilometers from the Russian borders.

A few hours ago, the American missile destroyer USS Forrest Sherman was deployed in the Baltic Sea, carrying 96 Tomahawk cruise missiles. We are talking about another gross US provocation directed against Russia. Moreover, the United States does not hide at all its intentions to increase tension near the Russian borders.

At the moment, the American warship is in the port of Gdansk, however, its appearance near the Russian borders is a deliberate provocation.

“The American destroyer USS Forrest Sherman, among other things, with a rocket launcher and guns of various calibers, moored in the port of Gdansk. As the crew members explained, the purpose of the visit is to celebrate the American presence in the region, and at the same time they want to learn more about our culture and history. The unit will remain in Poland until the end of March. “We arrived at the port of Gdansk on a routine visit, our goal is to mark the American presence in the Baltic Sea and reassure our NATO allies that we are able to quickly respond to any possible aggression in the region,” said Commander Matt Zublik of the US Navy.- сообщает Polish edition of TVN24.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy are busy tracking the movement and actions of the American missile destroyer, since no official statements in this regard from Russia have yet been made. Nevertheless, experts believe that the United States can count on an attempt to divert the Russian military from the special operation in Ukraine, however, Russia has enough funds and forces to quickly respond to absolutely any threat.


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