American destroyer "USS Roosevelt" staged a provocation against six Russian warships

The American missile destroyer went on a provocation against six Russian warships at once.

A few hours ago, the American missile destroyer USS Roosevelt, having left the Rota military base in Spain, advanced to the area where six Russian warships, carrying up to XNUMX Russian military, could be on board. We are talking about six large landing ships that left the Baltic Sea a few days ago, and, according to the first assumptions, are currently moving towards the Crimea.

It is known that due to the absence of Russian warships nearby, the American missile destroyer USS Roosevelt made a dangerous approach to the Russian BDK, thereby setting up a provocation. The destroyer of the US Navy does not express any hostile intentions, however, its actions cause some concern, especially against the background of the fact that NATO and the United States began to threaten Russia with military measures.

At the moment, it is known that the ships of the Russian Navy, located at the base in Tartus in Syria, are still there, however, apparently, after passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, Russian warships will take six Russian large landing ships with an unknown cargo on board for escort.

Victoria, this destroyer does not know how to understand why he died if the "Dagger" comes to him, and in time, if a simple torpedo from the "Varshavyanka".

This missile destroyer will sink all 6 BDKs in five minutes if at least one projectile flies in its direction.

You are right dear

I wonder if nuclear weapons will be used?

Listen, smart guy, remember once and for the rest of your life that we have never been afraid of anyone, we are not afraid and we are not going to be afraid. Everything will be as the people of Great Russia, including Putin and Shoigu, say. These ships are military and can open fire on parachuting without warning.

There may be a bunch of submarines floating nearby, as it would be strange to send without some kind of support.

Where is our escort?

how there are so many landing ships and they went without cover. This cannot be a priori

And what is the provocation? If you yourself write that he did not show any hostile intentions. He just escorted our group of ships - and such a panic ...

We know that 200 brave warriors of the Russian Federation immediately wrote a letter of resignation

Why are you writing nonsense if you don't understand it at all. You look funny.

they are not designed to destroy destroyers

Gore, it's clearly written there, "some concern." You see, if this destroyer suddenly explodes, then shrapnel can damage the paint and easily crushable elements on the BDK.

What are these civilian ships? Six grand and put in your pants?