Destroyer ROSS


American destroyer "USS Ross" headed for the shores of Russia in the Black Sea

The United States sent its destroyer USS Ross to the shores of Russia.

The European and African command of the US Armed Forces announced the sending of their destroyer type "Arly Burke" to the Black Sea. We are talking about the destroyer "USS Ross", which is armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, anti-submarine missiles, as well as air defense systems.

According to the European and African command of the US Armed Forces, the reason for the appearance of the American destroyer in the Black Sea is "ensuring security in the region" and "interaction with US allies."

“USS Ross begins its northern transit en route to the Black Sea to conduct maritime security operations with partners and allies. This is the eighth time this year when the US Navy ship visited the Black Sea. ”, - said the press service of the command.

It should be clarified that any exercises planned by the US Navy in the Black Sea were not previously reported, in connection with which, at the moment, it is not known exactly where the American warship will be sent, however, according to preliminary data, it can either be about Ukraine , or about Georgia.