US destroyer


American destroyer entered the Black Sea to meet with "favorite" Russian Su-24

An American warship entered the Black Sea and was again met by Su-24 bombers.

Several hours ago, the American destroyer "Donald Cook", having passed the Bosphorus, again entered the waters of the Black Sea. The current location of the warship cannot be determined due to the fact that the crew of the latter turned off the device that allows it to be tracked, however, according to preliminary data, the destroyer moved towards the western part of Crimea, obviously intending to enter the port of Odessa. Nevertheless, it is reported that the Russian military has already begun tracking the American ship, moreover, for this, front-line Su-24 bombers were even involved, which very seriously damaged the reputation of the American fleet and the destroyer "Donald Cook" in particular.

The purpose of finding the American destroyer "Donald Cook" in the waters of the Black Sea is still unknown, however, experts draw attention to the fact that the ship itself does not pose any real threat to Russia - in the event of the slightest provocation, Russia has all the means to ensure that to give the destroyer a very decent answer.

“The crew of the American destroyer is well aware of what the 'evil Russians' are ready to do if they are annoyed. Nevertheless, this is far from an ordinary visit, but it does not pose any danger to Russia and the Crimean Peninsula either. ", - the analyst underlines.


Are Russian ships sailing near the US and UK borders? Something is not heard about this in the media.

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