Aircraft F-117


American F-117 shot down in just a few seconds

One of the most secret American "stealth" planes shot down in just a few seconds.

According to a number of sources, at the beginning of this week, the US side again began testing one of its secret stealth aircraft, testing it in an air battle against fighters such as the F-15, F-16 and F-22. Despite all its high technology, the F-117 was shot down by much more maneuverable fighters in just a few seconds.

Given the appearance of such information, it is logical to assume that the F-117 aircraft is not suitable for use in air battles at all, however, given the fact that the aircraft was officially decommissioned back in the 2008 year, its use means that the United States is either ready to resume operation of these aircraft or create a new aircraft based on it.

It is noteworthy that a few months earlier it was reported that the American F-117 was used several years ago to attack Syria, which also indicates that these aircraft are still interesting to Washington, however, during the American invasion of Yugoslavia, one of these aircraft was successfully shot down by the Soviet air defense system, which demonstrated the extremely low efficiency of the stealth technologies.

It’s strange. All sources write that the F-117 was shot down by the C-125 Pechora complex (Export version). Production of NPO Almaz. Information about it can be found on Wikipedia. Ukraine does not smell there.

Kostas for knowledge)) The crash of the F-117 bomber near Budzhanivtsi (Serbhorv. Buđanovci) is an event that occurred on 27 on March 1999 near the Serbian village of Budzhanovtsy near the town of Ruma (40 km west of Belgrade) during the NATO forces war against Yugoslavia (in third day of hostilities [1]). The US F-117A Nighthawk attack aircraft (ser. Number 82-0806), which was controlled by Lt. Col. Dale Zelko (often the name of captain Ken Dwili is often mistakenly indicated), was shot down by the 5B27D from the C-125 Neva anti-aircraft missile system. The S-125 air defense system was at the disposal of the 3 battery of the 250 air force and air defense brigade of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Colonel Zoltan Dani commanded the battery. This is the first and only officially confirmed loss of the F-117 aircraft by American forces during the war against Yugoslavia [2]. excerpt from Wiki))) where is it and what about the Ukrainian “Mail” I don’t even know)) is it some kind of parallel reality for him or something)))

What was he brought down by there ??))) The Yugoslavs did not try to ask how they shot him down?) Yes, and this is a terrorist - Russia bombed Yugoslavia)) Yes, and it is precisely the advanced Ukrainian air defense systems that are bought by almost the whole world))

Hear, wise guy Ragulsky, and at least one Ukrainian worked at Topaz OJSC?

Well, that’s right:
F-117 is not a fighter ....

And he was shot down by a fighter ...


The "Stealth" F-117 is a bomber and it is natural that fighters are "more maneuverable" than a bomber. And once in 1999 over Yugoslavia such a "Stealth" was bombarded by the UKRAINIAN PISTANT SYSTEM and NONE since 20 years ago. repeated. Therefore, when the rush-REGULAR TERRORIST troops seized Donetsk, they first GRABBED TO TOPAZ OJSC = developer of the Ukrainian “Chainmail” — savages are brainless! They themselves do not know how!