American F-15 crashed while trying to intercept a Russian plane

In the United States, they announced the crash of an F-15 fighter while practicing the interception of a Russian aircraft.

The F-15 fighter of the US Air Force crashed in the waters of the North Sea while trying to work out the interception of a simulated enemy aircraft. According to the American military command, the pilot of the F-15 fighter was too carried away by the interception, and the target was a conditional Russian plane, as a result of which he lost control and made a collision with the water surface.

“The Pentagon presented a report, which tells about the results of the investigation into the causes of the fall of the US Air Force F-15C. The incident took place on June 15 this year. The plane, which took off from the airfield of Lakenheath airbase (Britain) to perform a planned flight, fell into the North Sea. In the cockpit of the F-15 was then 27-year-old US Air Force Senior Lieutenant Kenneth Allen. According to the commission, the pilot's attention was completely focused on intercepting a simulated enemy aircraft. "- сообщает Military Review.

On the other hand, it is still unknown why the interception was carried out at low altitude, which does not exclude the possibility that the pilot of the American F-15 fighter trite decided to deviate from the plan of the conducted exercises, for example, flying at an ultra-low altitude.

Newspaper "Leningradskaya Pravda": Today two newest NATO fighters F-35, which participated in exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation, crashed over the Baltic. The pilots who managed to eject were rescued by a detachment of ships of the Russian Navy, located near the accident site. The cause of the incident is the sudden loss of control of aircraft while flying at low altitude. It should be noted that the unreliability of machines of this type has already been repeatedly noted by both domestic and foreign media.
The newspaper "Evening Leningrad": Just from Pulkovo airport by plane AN-124
a detachment of Ulyanovsk rescuers flew out, having successfully completed the development of operations in the Baltic Sea.
Newspaper "Leningradskaya Pravda": The rescued pilots were transferred from the board of the EW "Infallible" ship to a detachment of NATO ships that arrived at the site of the yesterday's fighter crash and expressed their sincere gratitude to the Russian sailors. Despite the good weather, the search for the fallen planes remains unsuccessful.
The newspaper "Rabochy of the Volga region": The Ulyanovsk aircraft building association urgently needs electronic engineers with knowledge of the element base of foreign production.

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