American F-16 called garbage in Turkey compared to Russian Su-35

Turkey was amazed how much the Russian Su-35 surpasses the American F-16.

As part of the demonstration of the Russian Su-35 fighter at the air show in Istanbul, the vast majority of viewers and experts said that the Russian combat aircraft is superior to the vaunted American F-16, which was completely called garbage.

“The easiest way to find out the opinion of Turkish citizens about the Russian 4 ++ generation combat aircraft is to get acquainted with the comments they left under the video with footage of the Su-35 flight in Istanbul’s sky,” - reports the Russian edition of "Military Review", Citing relevant comments from users on social networks.

“Watching the flight of this aircraft, I dreamed that this aircraft could become our fighter, manufactured at our factory. Today we don’t need the American devil, but we need a Russian bear. ”

“This is much better than American trash! America does not take seriously anyone but Russia ”

“It is not known whether the Russians will approve the transfer of technology, but if so, then it is worth buying 20-30 of such aircraft”

It is noteworthy that initially Turkey did negotiate with Russia regarding the acquisition of Russian Su-35, but negotiations were unexpectedly stopped - the situation is similar with the Russian Su-57.