Fighter F-16


American F-16 tried to disguise as Su-57. Video

The flight of the F-16C fighter under the guise of Su-57 shown on video.

At the US Air Force Base Nellis (Nevada), the F-16C aircraft were repainted to the colors characteristic of the camouflage of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57.

A video has been posted on Facebook, on the frames of which a repainted F-16C was captured during the flight.

The United States fighter, dubbed the "Ghost", due to the coloring under the Su-57, should provide American pilots with a sort of adaptation. It is believed that this method will be a significant advantage for pilots who can get used to the appearance of the Russian fighter.

Probably, the idea belongs to the commander of the 57 th wing of the United States Air Force Robert Novotny, who invited Facebook users to choose the F-16C airplane coloring option, which would make the “American” as similar as possible to the Su-57. Users responded to the proposal, and after some time, the military approved a sketch called "Viper".

Looks like a mug, like a pig on a hedgehog.