American F-35 was shot down by accident - video published

The American F-35 was shot down due to a military error.

A US Air Force F-35B fighter was shot down by accident while performing mid-air refueling. According to the data presented at the moment, while refueling, the tanker plane got into turbulence, as a result of which the fighter that was refueling was pulled back - the pilot lost control over it.

On the presented video frames you can see the last seconds of the "life" of the American fifth generation fighter that crashed in the southern part of California. The pilot managed to leave the combat vehicle, however, during the ejection, he was injured and was hospitalized.

It is known that the tanker plane also almost crashed, initially one engine failed, then another, and ultimately two more, which, according to some reports, could cause a retracted hose for supplying fuel to one and the engines ... The plane only miraculously managed to land in the field - none of the crew members were injured.

The US Department of Defense does not give any official comments regarding the loss of the fighter, however, this seriously affects the image of the United States and these combat aircraft, even despite the fact that the latter was shot down by accident.

The F-35 was not shot down, it collided with a refueling tanker. In my opinion, the title of the article is too loud and unjustified. We can call the Su-25 downed in Armenia.