Fighter F-35


American F-35 "introduced" to the Russian Su-57 fighter

The American F-35 fighter now knows what the Russian Su-57 looks like.

According to the American edition of The National Interest, the developers of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter introduced information on the latest Russian Su-57 fighter into the on-board computer of this aircraft, thereby acquainting him with his probable adversary.

“The information entered is based on the specific needs of the pilots. True, in the process of data integration for the F-35, certain problems arose (their nature is not specified - editor's note) and now the pace of work is accelerated so that the pilots have the most recent and extensive catalog of threats. ", - said an official representative of the US Air Force.

What specific information can be entered into the on-board computers of F-35 fighters is still unknown, but experts have suggested that we are talking about weapons systems, flight parameters (speed, maneuverability, turn time, etc.) and parameters for using these aircraft.

Among other things, it is reported that similar data were entered into the on-board systems of F-35 fighters and for the fifth-generation Chinese fighters Chengdu J-20, which, according to American analysts, are more deadly compared to Russian Su-57.

Previously, the resource reported that the Russian Su-57 fighter aircraft intercepted Israeli F-35I Adir aircraft, which attempted to penetrate the territory of Syria from the neighboring Lebanon.

The "smart and beautiful" F35 refused to take off after entering data on the Su-57 into it. Well, at least someone (or something) from the American military still has a mind ...

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