Fighter M-346


American F-35 lost in battle to M-346

The American F-35 fighter lost in battle to the M-346 combat training aircraft.

The training battle of the American F-35 fighter against the M-346 combat training aircraft of the Italian Air Force was lost by the fifth generation fighter. As it turned out, the latter lacked not only maneuverability, but also the radar used by the M-346 combat trainer could perfectly detect the "stealth" fighter.

According to the data available to the news agency, the American F-35 fighter twice tried to approach the Italian M-346 combat trainer without being noticed, however, each time it was discovered. After that, thanks to the high maneuverability, and earlier it was assumed that the F-35 fighters surpass even the Russian Su-35 and Su-57 in their maneuverability, the Italian M-346 "sat down on the tail" of the enemy and successfully destroyed it using air-class missiles. -air".

The American side officially refused to give any comments on this matter, however, such a loss will clearly contribute to the further loss of the F-35 fighter's reputation. It should be noted that earlier in the same Italy they thought about how to reduce the fleet of these fighters, and a few days ago the Russian Su-35 and Su-30 fighters were also able to deal with the Italian F-27s, providing protection for Tu-95 bombers. over the Baltic Sea.

So the Su-57 was created for completely different tasks and the confrontation with the thirty-fifth was not even close to it. It's like a Pug and an elephant.

Have you seen that it was launched into the series? .. Russia is now focused on the development of technologies. With this the Su-57 was created .. Technologies must develop .. Continuously

Well, why then do we need the Su-57? For the F-35s to make more UT Yak-130, cheap and a lot