American F-35 simulated strikes on Crimea from Romanian airspace

An F-35 fighter-bomber, accompanied by two F-16s, flew from the Mihail Kogelniceanu airbase in Romania, simulating missile attacks on Crimea and conducting electronic reconnaissance. The goal was to establish the location of Russian radar and electronic warfare systems. The operation lasted about 30 minutes and was supported by anti-aircraft missile systems and radar detection systems transferred to Ukraine from the West, indicating a high level of coordination. This data is provided by the Telegram channel “Donbass Partisan”.

This episode was accompanied by a leak of information about a conversation between two high-ranking German generals discussing the transfer of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine with the aim of using them to attack the Crimean bridge. The conversation covered the technical and tactical aspects of the operation, as well as methods of interaction with Ukraine, similar to the UK's approach with the Storm Shadow missiles. Special attention was paid to aircraft modification, flight data loading, and missile calibration.

In addition, there is an increase in the activity of NATO AWACS aircraft and other reconnaissance assets aimed at preparing and coordinating attacks on Russian military targets in the Black Sea zone and beyond. These activities are aimed at testing air defenses, tracking key assets and assessing the effectiveness of strikes as part of planning future operations.


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