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US F-35A fell record

F-35A record low

From the message “Defense Blog” it became known that the fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II (12-th party) Pentagon will cost only 81 million dollars. This is less than any previous model of the aircraft.

According to the publication, on the basis of an agreement concluded with Lockheed Martin, the 12 lot from F-157A 35 aircraft will be delivered with a discount of 8,8 percent compared to the 10 batch. Then the machines were delivered at the price of 89,2 million dollars per unit.

In addition, the contract between the manufacturer and the Pentagon provides for an option on the 13-th and 14-th party F-35A Lightning II. The cost of one aircraft in them will be less than 80 million dollars.

Production of 12-th, 13-th and 14-th fighter batches, the total number of which will be 478 aircraft, will cost the United States and its allies 34 billion dollars. This will be the largest contract in the history of the Pentagon.

The Defense Blog Publication clarifies that F-35B Lightning II and F-35C Lightning II prices are also reduced. True, it does not give a specific amount.