Start of a rocket


The American fleet "lost" the invisible missile RGM-184A Naval Strike

The US military twice lost a stealth rocket.

The first tests of the newest American stealth missile RGM-184A Naval Strike ended in failure for the American fleet. As it turned out, during the test launch, the missile really turned out to be invisible - after the launch the connection with it was lost and it was not observed by the warship radars - the development of the prototype cost the United States millions of dollars. Repeated tests of the rocket also turned out to be unsatisfactory - tests showed that the rocket is completely useless against warships and the further use of the RGM-184A Naval Strike is more impractical.

To date, not a single American warship is equipped with the promising RGM-184A Naval Strike missile, which is caused by some disputes between the Norwegian company Kongsberg and the American concern Raytheon. Judging by the fact that there is no progress on this issue, analysts believe that the United States lost the missile not only in the literal sense (meaning missile loss during the first test test - ed.) And, figuratively, it’s unlikely to be in service with the American army will appear.

It should be clarified that it was previously assumed that the RGM-184A Naval Strike would be able to covertly strike at sea and ground targets at distances up to 185 kilometers.