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US Navy invaded China's territorial waters

While the PRC was watching the British aircraft carrier strike group, an American missile destroyer invaded Chinese waters.

The American missile destroyer USS Benfold invaded the territorial waters of the PRC, staying in them for a very long time. As follows from the data provided by East Day Military, the incident occurred after the Chinese ships left the Paracel Islands area, thereby opening free access to the American fleet in this territory. The PRC called the US actions a very serious provocation, which was probably carefully planned against the background of China's tracking of the British AUG. At the same time, a US Navy reconnaissance ship was located next to the Chinese territorial waters, which, obviously, made it possible for the missile destroyer to enter Chinese territorial waters.

“The American missile destroyer USS Benfold entered the Xisha region in Chinese territorial waters without our permission, which seriously violated China's sovereignty over territorial waters. It is known that the American reconnaissance ship "Victory" has been in the Xisha region for more than a month. The US Navy's maritime surveillance ship Victory has been conducting intensive operations near the Paracel Islands since its entry into the south of China Sea on June 8, according to information posted on social media. Information released by the South China Maritime Strategic Situation Agency shows that the Maritime Surveillance Vessel Victory sailed off the Paracel and Zhongsha Islands within a month. Within a month, the ship circled the periphery of the Paracel Islands and Zhongsha Islands, repeatedly returned and stopped in a number of areas, " - said in a material published by East Day Military.

It is known that after the invasion of the missile destroyer into Chinese waters, the ships of the Chinese Navy were sent to intercept it, however, any serious collisions were avoided.

Earlier, the PRC announced that it is ready to use weapons to attack the violating ships, although, judging by the current situation, Beijing is not ready for such drastic steps.

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