American cargo plane flew to Ukraine for the bodies of mercenaries and the US military?

An American cargo plane flew to Ukraine for the bodies of dead American mercenaries and military?

A few hours ago, an American Boeing 747 aircraft took off from the US Air Force Dover Air Base in the direction of Ukraine. The latter, as it was found out, headed for the airport of the Polish city of Rzeszow, however, according to a number of assumptions, the aircraft could be used to take the bodies out of Ukraine American mercenaries and soldiers who died here.

As it became known, the plane of the Kalitta Air airline took off from the Dover air base in the direction of the Polish Rzeszow with some cargo on board, however, on the way back, the plane can be used to transport the bodies of mercenaries who died in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the Dover Air Base was previously repeatedly used as a kind of mortuary, where the remains of the dead American soldiers were identified in special operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other regions of the planet. There is no direct evidence that the aircraft will be used to remove the bodies of dead Americans, however, in the past, the US military most often used military aircraft to deliver goods, rather than hired civilian aircraft.

It is known that over the past few weeks, the Russian military, as well as units of the LPR and DPR, have destroyed large forces of foreign mercenaries while gaining control of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, in connection with which the suspicions are quite justified.