Fighter F-22 Astrakhan


American fighter F-22 "seen" over Astrakhan. Video

Over Astrakhan noticed the fifth generation American fighter.

A few hours ago, Russian television published a video recording of the American F-22 fighter flying over Astrakhan.

Initially, according to the screenshots from the video clips, it was assumed that we are talking about one of the fighters accompanying the board of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, as it turned out, in reality, the Pompeo aircraft was not accompanied by a fifth-generation fighter.

As it became known, the reason for everything was the absurd mistake made by one of the Russian TV channels, which, instead of showing the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, demonstrated the flight of the American F-22 fighter.

The information resource was not able to access the full video, but you can see part of the episode in the presented fragment. This is not the first time that the media issues American warplanes for Russian fighters.

Earlier it was reported that fifth-generation US fighters do not appear near the borders of the Russian Federation because of the existing danger of being identified by air defense systems, which will make it possible to detect the presence of these aircraft.