American F-35 fighter jet patrolled over Ukraine

Singapore's Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen recently made a significant announcement at a meeting of Parliament's government procurement committee, revealing details of the active participation of American F-35 stealth fighters in missions over Ukraine. According to him, the main task of these missions is to determine the exact location of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems on Ukrainian territory. Valuable intelligence obtained from these operations is then shared among NATO countries, highlighting the importance and effectiveness of joint intelligence work.

The announcement drew attention not only because of the relevance of the topic, but also in light of Singapore's recent decision to bolster its defense capabilities by purchasing eight additional F-35As from Lockheed Martin. Considering that Singapore has already acquired 2020 F-12Bs in 35, such measures indicate the country's significant interest in strengthening its air force with advanced technologies.

It is interesting that, despite the assumptions of some media that this is the first confirmation of the use of the F-35 in support of Ukraine, similar operations have been recorded before. Last April, reported on a case in which an American pilot confirmed the use of an F-35 to reconnoiter the location of a Russian S-300 system near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Thus, Ng Eng Hen's comment not only confirms the active use of the US Air Force F-35 in the region, but also highlights the increasing role of these aircraft in modern military conflicts.

Described by Ng Eng Hen as "electronic vacuum cleaners", the F-35 has a unique intelligence-gathering capability. Equipped with the APG-81 AESA radar, AN/ASQ-239 electronic warfare system and EOTS electro-optical system, these fighters are capable of effectively collecting data on targets, creating a significant advantage on the battlefield.


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