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American tiltrotor Osprey crashed off Yakushima island in Japan

An American Osprey tiltrotor crashed near Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. According to the Kyodo news agency, the incident occurred in a maritime area near the island of Yakushima. There were eight people on board the aircraft; their fate is currently unknown; search and rescue operations are underway.

The tiltrotor took off from the American military base Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture and was heading to the US Navy base in Okinawa, but during the flight it changed route, heading to another American military facility.

It is assumed that the tiltrotor's fall may be due to technical problems; problems with the Osprey's transmission were previously reported. In recent years, several incidents have been recorded with this type of aircraft, resulting in the death of dozens of people. The latest serious incident occurred this summer in Australia, where three US Marines were killed in a crash and five more were seriously injured.

The US military has not yet provided official comments regarding the incident. The question of the operation of Osprey tiltrotors due to their technical shortcomings and high accident rate remains open.


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