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American Poseidon? In the United States announced the creation of unmanned submarines and ships

In the US, they write about the program of unmanned ships to deter Russia and China

The authors of the publication in the National Interest suggest that in the next five years, the US Navy will significantly increase the number of unmanned robotic ships. This is necessary to provide an indisputable advantage over the navy of Russia and China.

The article proves that the United States as a whole is going to spend on the implementation of the program of deliveries of the Navy of robotic ships worth about 4 billions of dollars. AT "National Interest" say that this amount is sufficient for the acquisition of 10-and surface and 9-submarines.

Such a statement is questionable. It turns out that one drone will cost America approximately 210 million dollars. By the measure of the United States, characteristic of recent times, it is a “sheer trifle”. For example, the implementation of the Zumwalt missile destroyer program alone is 5 billion dollars. It should be borne in mind that this destroyer has not yet been brought to mind. Moreover, his appointment in the US Navy is not defined. However, the Americans are assuring that, since the drones will be smaller, they must “get by”.

The publication also states that "the cost of unmanned ships for the US fleet can grow." At the same time, it was clarified that both surface and underwater drones will be used as the strike force of the US Navy "to deter Russia and the United States."

Talking about the new, what awaits the US Navy, «National Interest» reports on the progress of work on the creation of the newest rocket frigate. This will be a control ship for robotic warships, including submarine drones.