US aircraft carrier


US ambassador officially threatens Russia with aircraft carriers

The American ambassador to Russia expressed an official threat.

The United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation, John Huntsman, made a sharp statement that the current emergence of American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean is a direct warning to Russia. According to him, if Russia does not begin to listen to the signals being sent, much more stringent measures will be taken.

“Diplomatic ties and dialogue, combined with the powerful defensive systems of these ships, demonstrate Russia that if it really seeks to improve relations with the United States, then it should stop its destabilizing activities around the world. <...> When you have two hundred thousand tons of diplomacy that runs through the Mediterranean Sea - this is what I call diplomacy - nothing more needs to be said. ”, Said Huntsman.

Remarkable is the fact that such a threat to Russia was made for the first time, and therefore, Russia can take much more radical measures to contain the United States from its borders, including through the deployment of much more naval assets, means of tactical and strategic aviation, as well as tactical missile systems.

Really a pity.
And the level of the Mediterranean Sea will rise by the volume of two Pindos aircraft carriers and accompanying vessels. Greeks will say thank you. They have some islands there that are a little shallow over the last 100 years :-))

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In fact, for such threats, you need to send the ambassador home so that others will not want to threaten the host country.

And why, after such an official statement,
do not send the ambassador home.

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