American guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold invaded China's territorial waters

An American warship entered the territorial waters of the PRC.

Despite the warnings of the Chinese military command regarding the crew of the USS Benfold, the US Navy ship violated the border of the Chinese maritime space, entering the territorial waters of China. The violation of the state border of the PRC was short-lived, but the American missile destroyer continues to be near the borders of the PRC, preparing to repeat the violation. In this regard, the PLA Air Force raised fighter jets into the sky, and a ship of the PLA Navy advanced to intercept the intruder.

According to some reports, the invasion of the American missile destroyer USS Benfold deep into the territorial waters of China amounted to about three nautical miles. At the same time, taking into account the data of the Sina Military publication, the crew of an American warship armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles completely ignored warnings both about approaching the borders of the PRC and about violating China's territorial waters. By the time the Chinese warplanes arrived in the area, the American warship had already left the territorial waters of the PRC, but at the moment the destroyer is being closely monitored.

The United States has not yet commented on the incident, but against the backdrop of strained relations between Beijing and Washington, this could result in very serious problems for the entire region.

Will play out. Russia and China will create a military bloc. Just out of desperation.

Get lost ...



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