Missile destroyer


American missile destroyer "USS John McCain" invades Russian territorial waters

An American missile destroyer violated Russian territorial waters.

American warship USS this morning John McCain invaded Russian territorial waters, delving into them at a distance of two kilometers, completely ignoring the warnings of the Russian military, as a result of which a destroyer from the Russian Pacific Fleet was sent to intercept it, which intercepted an American warship, forcing the latter, under threat of weapons, to turn around and lie down on the return course.

“Admiral Vinogradov, a large anti-submarine ship of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, stopped the violation of the state border by the missile destroyer USS John McCain in the Peter the Great Gulf. The incident took place today at 06:17. The American destroyer, which has been conducting exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan for several days (pictured), has gone 2 km beyond the Russian maritime border. Through the international communication channel, the commander of the Russian ship warned USS John McCain about the inadmissibility of such actions and the possibility of using a ramming maneuver to force the intruder out of the territorial waters. After the warning, the destroyer went into neutral waters ", - the Russian Telegram channel Voenny Obozrevatel reports.

This incident could escalate into a very serious confrontation, as Washington openly supports Japan in terms of the controversy of the group of four Kuril Islands.

Given the fact that the American warship did not respond to the initial warnings of the Russian military, Russia may well have attacked the intruder destroyer USS. John McCainhowever, apparently, they tried to resolve the situation without aggravation and escalation.

How exactly the Russian military allowed an American warship to approach its sea borders, not to mention an outright violation of territorial waters, remains to be seen.

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