American RQ-4 Global Hawk attacked near Russian borders

Details of the attack on the American RQ-4 Global Hawk near the Russian borders have emerged.

A few hours ago, the US strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk was unexpectedly attacked as it approached the Russian border from Ukraine. According to the data presented, the drone unexpectedly lost contact with satellites and, in fact, remained uncontrolled, as a result of which an emergency return to its previous route was triggered - the drone made a sharp turn, sending the signal "7600" ("Lost Communication") before that.

“The American high-altitude UAV RQ-4A Global Hawk, during yesterday's flight near the Russian borders, gave a signal 7600 (loss of communication) and made a sharp turn when it was at the point of its route closest to the borders of the Russian Federation. Apparently, "some" specialists helped the US Air Force operators realize their mistake ... "- reports "Telegram" community "Military observer."

Earlier, journalists drew attention to the loss of communication by American drones located in the area, however, apparently, the Russian military did not use the Krasukha-4 complexes, but much more powerful electronic countermeasures, attacking both the drone itself and spacecraft that controlled the drone.

It should be noted that earlier it became known that Russian Krasukha-4 electronic warfare systems appeared in the Donbass, however, given the remoteness of the American drone's flight from the presumably place of deployment of electronic warfare equipment, the impact was carried out from Russian territory.

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Judging by the flight route, no one attacked him, and he, having completed the task, simply returned to the base.