American RQ-4 Global Hawk narrowly escaped destruction near Luhansk

The daring flight of the American RQ-4 Global Hawk was almost interrupted over the Luhansk region.

A brazen military operation using the American strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk near the Russian border and the demarcation zone of the Luhansk People's Republic almost turned into the loss of an American drone. He was saved from destroying the drone only by the successful operation of the U-turn command - otherwise the UAV would have been destroyed either near the Russian border, with a high degree of probability the crash would have occurred on Russian territory, or near Luhansk.

Earlier, the information resource already reported that the American military strategic unmanned aerial vehicle flew too close to the borders of Russia and suddenly its communication with the spacecraft that control it was interrupted. Experts attribute this to the powerful influence of Russian electronic warfare systems used either directly from the territory of Russia, or from the territory of neighboring self-proclaimed republics, in whose armament, according to Turkish media, at least one Russian Krasukha-4 complex was previously seen.

Experts note that the attack on Russian electronic warfare systems was rather of a precautionary nature, since, if necessary, the impact could be carried out directly on the control electronics of the American drone, as a result of which the return program would almost certainly not work and the drone would simply crash. Moreover, given the presence in Russia's armament of complexes of executive electronic intelligence, the American aircraft could well be pulled up to the Russian or the borders of the LPR and unhindered to shoot it down.

well, arrogance

well, arrogance