Something greatly frightened the American RQ-4A Global Hawk over the Black Sea - he was forced to go off course

An American strategic drone was forced off course during reconnaissance over the Black Sea.

About two days ago, when the American strategic drone RQ-4A Global Hawk was carrying out a long military reconnaissance operation over the Black Sea, where there was a group of warships, which the resource had previously reported about, something very frightened the drone operators, forcing them to sharply deviate from its course and head towards Turkish airspace.

In the presented image, you can see the flight route of the American RQ-4A Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance drone. While performing reconnaissance, the drone suddenly changed its flight path, altitude and speed, heading into Turkish airspace. However, after some time he took a course to the east and again returned to the route of his observation. According to a number of assumptions, we can talk about aiming anti-aircraft defense systems at the drone from warships in the Black Sea, or about using electronic countermeasures.

American reconnaissance aircraft and strategic unmanned aerial vehicles have been actively monitoring the situation in the Black Sea for almost a week, ignoring the existing risks.