American Artemis aircraft spotted reconnaissance of Russian borders


American Artemis aircraft spotted reconnaissance of Russian borders

The American Bombardier Challenger 650 Artemis electronic reconnaissance aircraft has begun reconnaissance operations along the borders of Moldova and Ukraine. This was reported by the Crimean Wind monitoring group with reference to data from the Flightradar portal.

The plane took off from the Mihail Kogelniceanu airfield in Romania and began patrolling over the territory of this country. The Challenger 650 Artemis is equipped with advanced equipment that allows reconnaissance hundreds of kilometers deep into the territory, as well as a complex for countering electronic warfare systems (EW). Judging by the flight route, the situation in Crimea is being assessed.

This high-tech aircraft is capable of remotely listening to communication channels and collecting important information, which is processed automatically. The resulting data can be used to target precision weapons in real time, significantly improving operational efficiency.

The United States and its allies are actively sharing intelligence with Ukraine, providing critical data for combat operations.


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