Interception aircraft


American aircraft intercepted off the coast of Crimea

Russian fighters intercepted a US Air Force plane.

On the eve of the day, a few dozen kilometers from the coast of the Crimea, the American reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135 "Rivet Joint" was intercepted. It is reported that the interception was carried out by the fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation due to the extreme approach of the American aircraft to the borders of the Crimean Peninsula.

The US Department of Defense fully confirmed the information that appeared on the Network, noting that the interception was carried out professionally and perfectly safe for the crew of a US Air Force aircraft.

“Secure interception has occurred”, - said in an official message.

It should be clarified that since the beginning of the current year this is not the first dangerous approach of US military aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles to the borders of the Russian Federation, but so far no interception of military aircraft has been carried out.

According to some information, the fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted the escort of an American military aircraft until it left the airspace zone near the Crimean Peninsula.

Amer should have reported that the next interception will end in an accident during the landing of their fighter due to overload in the pilot's diapers

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