American secret plane disguised as an airliner flies near Russian borders

An American secret military plane flew up to the very borders of Russia and managed to escape.

According to information sources, the American military took another desperate step to obtain the data of interest to them at the borders of the main adversaries - Russia and China. So, according to available information, the United States periodically uses military aircraft, with electronic and electronic intelligence equipment, which are disguised as civilian passenger airliners, which cannot be visually distinguished from ordinary passenger aircraft.

According to the Sokhu news agency, such an aircraft has been repeatedly seen near the borders of the PRC, and. judging by some information, this aircraft also repeatedly appeared at the borders of Russia, however, it did not attract due attention to itself.

“On the evening of the 5th, a US Army E-8C air-to-ground reconnaissance aircraft made a reconnaissance approach to land in China. This aircraft was originally identified as a commercial airliner by an air traffic control radar system located in southern Guangzhou. At the time, it was flying at an altitude of over 9000 meters, and it was not confirmed that it was a US military aircraft until it flew near the provincial capital of Guangdong. According to news published by the South China Sea Strategic Situational Awareness Program platform, at almost 22:00 pm that night, the plane took off for a position about 109,77 km from the baseline of the territorial sea off the coast of Guangdong. "- сообщает Sokhu edition.

It should be clarified that aircraft from the United States regularly appear at the Russian borders, and, obviously, we are also talking about aircraft disguised as civilian airliners, especially since the United States is actively looking for new loopholes to obtain data on the operation of Russian S-400 systems.